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Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Search & Selection

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”

- Jim Collins

What we do

Who YOU are looking for is our true north. Always. 

Traditional recruitment has created a structure where the recruiter is paid solely on a percentage of the role's salary based on if their chosen candidate gets hired. But this hiring model pits the agency against you.  Why? -because if they don't land their candidate in your company, they don't see a payday. So naturally they are pressurized to push for the candidate who is often the most expensive to hire and not the best match for your team.


We have zero interest in doing business in that way!

The benefit of our approach

the benefit of our approach

Our partnership model creates a positive experience for all parties involved. By charging a flat rate, we are able to consider all channels of connection when an applicate applies to your company.  From talent search, to screening, to advising hiring managers, and helping negotiate offers, we are working for you and in alignment with your team.

Calibration & Alignment

We start with calibration. Every new position we take on starts with a strategic conversation that includes the hiring manager and often a member of your leadership team. During this discussion, we align on:​

  • The role description and job ad

  • Ideal candidate knowledge and experience

  • Pay range

  • Company culture right fit

  • Team culture right fit 

This initial conversation allows us to get a detailed and complete picture of the person you are looking for.  From there, we can start our search and begin building  and vetting a pipeline of qualified, affordable talent who are excited about joining your team. 

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it saves to be different


Direct Line of Contact

No 1-800# • No Call Centers • 

You are assigned an OH account manager with a real phone number

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