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our company culture

our company culture

Quality Service.  Dedicated Resources.  Efficient Solutions.  We are all about servicing our customers. We look at every client as a partner and strive to achieve “they are part of our team” status.

Culture plays a major role at O&H Consulting. We hire based on three specific attributes: high degree of emotional intelligence; people who love creating solutions; and individuals with a passion for efficiency. O&H Consulting is held accountable, but we strongly encourage our team members to push back, and to never simply accept the answer “because this is the way it has always been done”.  Defeating Status Quo is a major focus and we combat this operational roadblock by challenging and encouraging a solution seeking environment.

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our magnificent team!!!

Our Magnificent Team!!!

Head Honcho



The Principle Consultant

Michele Olivier is not your typical recruiter. With 20+ years of global experience in the Talent sector, she has managed 360 people ops for organizations in technology, SaaS, fintech, gaming, government, sales/marketing, and more. As a practitioner of radical candor Michele truly believes that better hires come from better candidate experiences. In 2020, Michele founded O&H Consulting to disrupt the status quo for candidate experience. The team at O&H provides an end-to-end talent acquisition solution that seamlessly integrates into their clients’ companies. As a strategist and coach, Michele works closely with executives and hiring managers to establish and/or refine their approach to people systems to help achieve organizational goals. Regardless of the size of the company, O&H can help. Superhero name: The Good Witch What is your superpower? Translating babble and panic into business language Cape or no cape? No capes! OSHA violation! Superhero mentor? Dark Phoenix Do you have a sidekick? Heck yeah - my Magic Mirror - brings jokes and hard truths! Personal Kryptonite? Children

Team work makes the dream work!

Meet The Team

What others say

"Michele is the #1 recruiter I have seen on the LinkedIn platform. To begin, she is committed to antiracism and ensures her network understands better practices. She is extremely knowledgeable in all phases of the recruitment process and consistently offers valuable insight to candidates and employers. When I think about it, she is my go to because I trust her truth."

LaTonya Davis, JD - CEO

"You are the smartest person I have ever talked to about recruitment."

David Kozhuk, Founder  - uConnect

"While Michele started as a professional acquaintance, she has quickly become one of the people I respect most in the entire world. I make it a point to refer clients her because I never have to worry about them second guessing my reference and will come out of working with her better prepared and in a better position to reach their goals."

Dan Roth, Global Recruitment Consultant & Speaker

Direct Line of Contact

No 1-800# • No Call Centers • 

You are assigned an O&H account manager with a real phone number

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