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"The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world."

- Steve Jobs

What we do

We bring your recruiting strategy out of 1996.

Question: Do you know what's more expensive than spending the right time sourcing a new talent hire? The answer: Off-boarding the wrong hire. New hires generally quit within the first 6 months of accepting a position because the expectations of what they "thought" they were applying is different from what the role actually is. Also, resumes are generally considered to be less than 10% accurate in their ability to predict future success in a role. So hiring an applicant solely on a resume is a wild shot in the dark that it's going to work out long-term. 

Brand messaging is Everything

We work with you to review every step of your recruitment process and make sure it's optimized for your organizational needs. Together we look at every part of the storybrand to create a system that makes sense and lets you identify quickly and efficiently if the applicant is the right fit for the position from the start. Most job seekers aren't trying to get hired for a position they are not going to be great at - so delivering a clear message helps us get a direct connection to talent who fits the narrative.

How we build a clear storybrand

How we build a clear storybrand


WE specifically we look at:

  • Recruitment requirements and succession planning

  • Job descriptions

  • Candidate sourcing and attraction strategy including job ads

  • Candidate selection process

  • Screening tools; including custom assessments and interview questions

  • Offer process, with salary benchmarking and pay banding

  • Onboarding

Already have a strong storybrand? No problem!

We can work with what you have while addressing specific areas of concern to help us get it right!


Direct Line of Contact

No 1-800# • No Call Centers • 

You are assigned an OH account manager with a real phone number

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