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Knowing Your Value as a Candidate

When Mike Conley was on the job hunt in early 2021, he had no idea posting about his experiences would get 2.6M+ views and the whole profession talking.

Before becoming accidentally "Internet famous," Mike, like many, was navigating the frustrating, chaotic post-COVID employment market. After blowing the socks off the hiring committee in the first 3 rounds of interviews for a job he was super excited about...he got a message about scheduling rounds 4 through 9...

After withdrawing himself from consideration, Mike posted about the experience and promptly went viral in 14 hours.

The last 18 months or so have been a real time of reflection for some people and a true reckoning for others - job seekers are re-prioritizing work in their lives, and employers are scrambling to attract good candidates who aren't putting up with the runaround anymore. Mike's honest take on current interview practices had struck a nerve, then started a conversation with big influence on hiring practices today.

Check out this episode for a thoughtful, wide-ranging conversation on what the hiring process is like both for the applicant and the hiring manager - whether you're in tech or not, you'll get some real insight into what it takes to put together a strong team, how neurodivergence is a strength, and how great it is to do your job without having to wear pants.

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