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How to Become a Monster Hunter

I'm a mom. I have 2 adorable boys that are my whole world.

I'm also a citizen of the global community and a realist. I post pictures of my kids on FB so friends and family around the globe can see their adorableness. I limit their screen time but don't try to completely forbid it.

I try to be sensible, and I worry. A lot.

As parents we get such mixed messages about the world our kids are entering. We get told that today's world is actually safer than the one of our childhood, that we just have better access to information, crime statistics, etc so it SEEMS worse. Then we get told that human trafficking and online predation have are at all time highs and that we need to watch and worry for our children. It's exhausting.

I want my kids to grow-up to be super independent. I want to trust them in all the environments that will make up their daily lives, and that includes online. I want to let them ride their bikes around the neighborhood when they're 9 without needing a chaperone - like I did. I want so much for them. Mostly I want them to always be safe.

Staring into the darkness where the monsters who would prey on our children live is every parent's worst nightmare. I had the chance, recently, to sit down and talk to someone who does it professionally. Thank god for her.

Karise does a few different things, all of which make the world safer for kids. First she works with international task forces to investigate and bring to justice human trafficking, child pornography, and pedophilia rings. Her work is primarily online, and - the good news is - she's REALLY good at it. When she's not doing that she's helping to support the young victims of these, and all the other creatures who seek to hurt them.

She works with an amazing group called Youth InSites creating safe spaces, and support for young people.

Take a few moments to watch or listen to my conversation. It'll be worth it.

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