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How do you become a top-ranking FAANG Product Manager, anyway?

This episode, Michele gets down to business with Deven Hariyani, Product Manager extraordinaire for Customer Engagement Technology at Amazon. Beyond supply chain reassurances about holiday shipping, Deven has a lot to say about joining the world's fifth largest company at the start of a global pandemic, balancing risk while maintaining the customer experience, and the role of automation in customer service today.

Deven went from years of startup experience to PMing for Amazon and has tons of insight into what makes a great product manager at both ends of the spectrum. In a lot of ways, he breaks the mold of your typical PM, and in a lot of ways, he's exactly what you'd expect. Can a single multiple choice answer take you on a 10-year detour from your dream career? Listen and find out!

As a hiring manager, he knows how to find the smart, capable candidates with the tenacity and grit to succeed long-term. Michele and Deven also touch on diversity and discrimination in hiring, and not just at FAANG and tech companies.

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