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Getting Female Caregivers Back to the Workforce

When Ashley Connell was figuring out how to balance a successful tech marketing career with starting a family, the statistics she uncovered were staggering. Women who were stepping out of the workforce to raise children for 2-3 years lost over a third of their compensation power, and it seemed nearly impossible to get hired at a level comparable to what they were doing before they left.

That's why Ashley founded Prowess Project, an organization (and O&H partner!) dedicated to matching employers with talented candidates returning to the workforce. Along with helping women return to the workplace without losing career momentum, Prowess connects companies with managers and experts who are instantly compatible with their team.

Michele and Ashley discuss tackling equality in the hiring process, leveraging emotional intelligence as a value proposition, and how job seekers and companies can help shrink the gender gap. You know, 2 gals shooting the sh!t.

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