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Behind the Curtain at a Big 4 Firm

That's right, we started a podcast! Hey! I Want Your Job offers an inside look at how people found their way to amazing jobs and what HR and recruiting experts have to say about making it in today's job market.

And for our first episode, Michele got to talk to Giles Hamson, Customer Success Product Manager at EY (Ernst & Young). Their discussion includes what's it's like to work at the assistant director level in global IT and much, much more. Giles talks about his role in the hiring process and what it takes to score an interview, along with big picture talk about diversity in tech and the future of the job market.

We have some great guests coming up, so be sure to follow us on social media and join our newsletter for updates and opportunities to send questions of your own!

Next week, we're talking to Josh Rock, Sourcing Strategy Specialist with Fairview Health Services. Let us know what you want to know!

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