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Become What You Want to Be

We have a fantastic episode for you all this week, just in time for Christmas. This week's episode of Hey! I Want Your Job includes an in-depth discussion with Dr. Laide Alexander, MBA, Director of Operations at Chamberlain University. Listen wherever fine podcasts are sold!

Dr. Alexander talks with Michele about education's transforming landscape, from the expansion of for-profit and online models to the realities under COVID. She also offers her insights about human being's natural inclination to want to improve and how upward mobility is not the only mobility that can be rewarding in your career.

"Where you work is the platform for you to become what you want to become," Dr. Alexander says, and she and Michele discuss what that really looks like and how hiring managers and organizational leaders nurture exceptional teams.

Listen in and find out the one sentence in every job description that's your ticket to getting promoted, as well as what genuine diversity & inclusion looks like so you can spot it before making your decision to accept.

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