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Starting Fresh

As a busy working mom with a small business, and plenty to do I really understand those lists of things you intend to get to. We all have aspirations of big things (finding a new job, starting a business), as well as small ones (organizing the pantry, finally trying that new nail polish) that we pile up for a "some day". The problem is that when life happens and some day gets farther and farther away, that list turns into a burden. We beat ourselves up for not having achieved these things. Feeling like a failure for not finding the time to mark things off an aspiration list is a great way to spiral into depression and inertia. We've all done it.

Sometimes we just need to throw away those lists and start again. What you wanted 3 years ago may no longer be relevant. Who you are today may no longer be interested in the goals and dreams of who you were yesterday. Let go of those long held lists. Take a breath. Take a break. Then find something that the you of today wants today and do it. Clear the slate, then stop the madness. Choose each day what you want and need to achieve. For big things, use your calendar and schedule a time for them. Making lists leads to stress but making time and a plan can lead to anything!

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