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in house recruitment...on demand

in house recruitment...on demand

We are a one-stop shop for ramping and managing Talent Acquisition & People Operations.

As a white-label Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) team, we collaborate with our clients as seamlessly as an internal department. This enables us to streamline hiring processes, inform leadership on what is happening in the market, and expedite decision-making. Hiring Managers feel unburdened, leadership is better informed, and candidate experience is excellent.

Meet Michele

Meet Michele


Michele Olivier

Principle Consultant, CEO

Michele Olivier is not your typical recruiter. With 20+ years of global experience in the Talent sector, she has managed 360 people ops for organizations in technology, SaaS, fintech, gaming, government, sales/marketing, and more. As a practitioner of radical candor, Michele truly believes that better hires come from better candidate experiences.


In 2020, Michele founded O&H Consulting to disrupt the status quo for candidate experience. The team at O&H provides an end-to-end talent acquisition solution that seamlessly integrates into their clients’ companies. In her role as a fractional head of talent/chief people officer, she works closely with executives to establish or refine their approach to people systems, aligning company culture with its mission. Regardless of the size of the company, O&H can help.

Michele has been featured in Austin Woman Magazine as a Woman to Watch, and is the host of the podcast Hey, I want Your Job!

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The O&H Difference

The O&H difference

We are not an agency.


O&H Consulting works with your existing team to augment talent acquisition without overextending your budget or compromising standards.


Don’t have a team?  No problem!  O&H can help you get up and running, and even bring on and train an in-house permanent team when you’re ready.

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Can it be this easy?

YEah, It can

YEah, It can

OK, but how much is it gonna cost?

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Average cost per Role

Average cost per Role

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Ready to meet your recruitment team?

Check out our Youtube Channel

Check out our youtube channel

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S02E38: Fran R Garton - A warrior who doesn't let pain control her life

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