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Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”

– Simon Sinek

We work both sides of the desk

 FAANG, BigTech, and the entire F500 are having the same problem with recruitment – Candidate Experience.  Job seekers are being commoditized, dehumanized, and ghosted by recruiters. The traditional recruitment process treats talent acquisition like a nameless numbered individual that's a dime-a-dozen.  Couple this with new concerns of DEI strategy, accessibility, and balance - finding a talented candidate with experience is no small feat.

The first impression you want to make. 

Because our business model is built on partnership and not on contingency, we are able to act as a strong connection point between top talent and company expectations. We know the needs, wants and frustrations of candidates and we help you integrate that knowledge into your talent portfolio strategy.  Take a look at some of the key components listed below that are game-changing expectations in today's workforce standard expectations.

White Label Recruitment

White Label Recruitment

The candidates can feel the difference between an external recruiter and an internal talent professional. To them, we behave as the latter. This means that from minute one we are talking up how cool your company is, ensuring that the candidate is treated as a person and not a commodity or payday, and has continuous communication about the interview and hiring process.

If this seems like a small thing... it isn't!  Clear, honest and consistent communication is unfortunately not the norm for most job hunters. Separating your company from the pack by offering that up front is an indication of your organizational culture and values, and more and more, people are making the choice about where they work based on that. This includes:

  • An easy application process

  • ​Ensuring candidates understand the job and work environment

  • Communicating your employee value proposition

  • Providing transparency about the interview process

  • Giving candidates the resources they need

  • Treating candidates with respect at all times

  • Providing clarity and support during the offer/negotiation stage

  • Creating a smooth transition into the company onboarding stage

  • Respectful and timely handling of rejecting job applicants


it saves to be different

  • Company social media presence and work-life impression

  • Employer ratings and Glassdoor / Reddit reviews

  • DEI needs and position

  • Accessibility

  • Candidate feedback models

  • Candidate experience ownership

  • Developing a clear brand as an EMPLOYER not just as a product or service provider.


Direct Line of Contact

No 1-800# • No Call Centers • 

You work directly with the Principal Recruiter and an assigned an OH recruitment support team with a real phone number

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