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why go with an RPO?

Why go with an RPO?

What is RPO?


Recruitment Process Outsourcing is not like the traditional agency recruitment model. In fact, RPOs are not recruitment agencies at all. They are a talent solution where an external provider manages end-to-end recruitment functions on either a project or a permanent basis.

Offering tailored solutions and strategies for candidate sourcing, recruiting, and hiring process development, companies who work with RPOs see more qualified candidates across industries and role levels and can fill open positions faster and can be filled quickly and efficiently.

Traditionally, this will include:

  • Recruitment teams that work on-site or remotely to source, screen, and interview candidates

  • Smooth transition from candidate to employee, including job offer negotiation and onboarding

  • Recruitment tools and technologies to target and attract specific candidates

  • Support in the development and marketing of the employer value proposition (EVP)

Is an RPO right for my organization?

Does your talent acquisition process look or feel like a puzzle?

It shouldn’t. Like any complex project, there needs to be a well-thought-out flow from step to step, and established measures that ensure the decision-making process is fair, compliant, and made with respect to the needs of the larger organization as well as the specific team you are building. 

Do you need to scale rapidly or have an urgent hiring need?

If that answer is yes, having an RPO service ensures you can start recruiting with as little as a phone call.

Is there someone in your organization who is current on hiring trends and applicable laws?

Without the proper guidance, even the most culture-forward, best-intentioned companies can make huge mistakes that lose them high quality candidates - or worse, making a choice in their hiring practice that is not compliant with regulations! Having an RPO partner at the other end of an email, phone call, or Slack message to inform you on your options and set up standard operating procedures (SOP) can avoid these costly mistake. 

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The O&H Difference

The O&H difference

We are not an agency.


O&H Consulting works with your existing team to augment talent acquisition without overextending your budget or compromising standards.


Don’t have a team?  No problem!  O&H can help you get up and running, and even bring on and train an in-house permanent team when you’re ready.

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Can it be this easy?

YEah, It can

YEah, It can

OK, but how much is it gonna cost?

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Average cost per Role

Average cost per Role

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Ready to meet your recruitment team?

Check out our Youtube Channel

Check out our youtube channel