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We have the tools, knowledge, and experience to design custom training course to get your team to where you need them to be.


Executive Skills

It can be lonely at the top.

For executives there is a lot of pressure to make great decisions, and little margin for error.  Most difficult it can be hard to find someone to lean on for support, coaching, and what to do when you’re overwhelmed.


Our Executive Coaching course create a safe space to be vulnerable, and gain the insight they need to guide your organization through the most challenging of circumstances.


We offer both individual sessions and group facilitations – up to and including Executive retreats.  We’ll find a way to help you leaders soar!

Emotional Quotent (EQ)

One of the most important skill sets in organizational strategy setting is EQ.  It allows your employees to more accurately predict best ways to communicate, motivate, and direct others internally as well as with external stakeholders and even customers. 


A sales person who can’t “read the room” is about as useful as a bicycle to a fish.  Trying to build team connectivity and inspire staff via Zoom? These classes help build the EQ muscles and make your staff more effective in every setting.


Forget about boring courses.  Here prepare to be dazzled and engaged with custom curriculum developed and delivered by professional performer and business thought leader Stacee Mandeville.

interviewing & hiring

People are often promoted into managerial positions with little to no preparation.  Even more commonly, we ask team members to sit in or be part of interview processes without preparing them for the why’s and how’s of effective interviewing, and what we need them to know about each step and its goals. The result is that even with the best talent and best interview questions you’re not able to select the best hires.


Understanding the basics of what makes an effective interviewer and how to get your most out of the time doesn’t come naturally to people.  They need to be helped and coached.  Combine this with the readily accessible (and  largely terrible) information on the internet and you can bet that not everyone is working to the same standard if you have not provided them with the training.

Our team works with you to understand your specific role requirements and designs custom sessions that guide your teams on best practices and reeducate and align staff who may have picked up suboptimal behaviors or ideas along their career path.