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We’re not just another agency

If you’ve worked with, thought of working with, or known someone who worked with external recruiters in the past, the odds are that they worked on a contingency basis.  This means that they found candidates for roles and were paid a percentage of the salary only if their candidate got the job. 


We don’t work that way.

Contingency recruitment by its very nature pits the agency against you – the employer—and against your candidates.  In order to make money they have to only focus on the candidates most likely to get the role and are incentivized to push for the candidates who would be the most expensive, not the ones who would be the best match. 

The result is exactly what you see all around in social media.  Everyone hates recruiters.  They get ghosted, they lie, they love you one minute and ignore you the next.  That goes for clients as well.  Have a candidate you like that applied directly?  Good luck getting your agency recruiter on the phone.

We have no interest in being that.


Instead, we work in a partnership model that is a lot more fair for everyone, and creates a positive experience for all parties involved.  Rather than take a BIG piece of cake on contingency, we take much smaller pieces on an hourly basis.  That’s right.  A clear, straightforward hourly rate that you can expect. 

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Well, for us it means that we can give every client and candidate the time and attention they deserve without stressing about where the money is coming from to pay for that.

For you it means an average of 30% savings on placement fees plus having a good partner who will be honest, and whom you can trust to take on as much or little of the process as you like.

Candidates love us because they never get ghosted and get real honest feedback on where they are in the process.

why be different?

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How much is this going to cost me?

Our fee structure is simple. 

For any work we do finding candidates (we call this Sourcing) we charge $80 per hour.  For work we do that requires more skill/knowledge (we call this Recruiter Time) we charge $150 per hour. 

Typically, our fees are ~40% less than an old school agency!

Can I control my budget?

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You can Manage your budget weekly or monthly by letting us know how many max hours in Sourcing & Recruiting we have. 


There are NO hidden costs here, if we find a resource to advertise for you that is going to cost extra, we work with you to make a budget for that and verify all costs before moving forward. 

And as a bonus, we are fun to work with.