The Techy Toolkit

All tech wizards! Engineers, Developers, Data Miners, etc!

  • Detailed information intake process
  • Professional technical recruiter reviewed resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Clear and engaging LinkedIn Intro
  • 1-on-1 LinkedIn training with a LinkedIn Influencer & Recruiter 
  • Ongoing support from our online community.


    Why us?

    Working in technology brings with it unique challenges including the need to translate what you do into terms anyone can understand in a way that makes you jump off the page as exceptional.  In an increasingly crowded, global market that's a tall order. The resume you get from O&H will help you stand out from the crowd.  Not only is the format ATS (that's the computer system you have to upload your resume into) maximized, but it's written with your 3 target audiences in mind: the ATS, the recruiter, and the hiring manager.  Each one has different needs, and we understand them all!


    No cans!

    Most other resume services have pre-fab templates and generic language that they include in everyone's resume.  That means they're spending a lot of time trying to shove square pegs into round holes.  It also means that as soon as those resumes cross a recruiter or hiring manager's desk they're rolling their eyes.  Why?  Because that's the 9,000th resume they've seen this week where the person was supposedly and "outside the box thinker" with "outstanding communication skills".  Also, the formats they use aren't designed for YOUR experience and background, so they're just not as good at capturing what makes you a great candidate.


    What if I don't like it?

    Revisions are part of the process.  We want you to LOVE your resume, and we're pretty great at writing them, but that doesn't mean we always get it right 100% the first time.  You'll have the chance to work with your writer to get the changes you need so it does feel right.  There are a few bad apples out there that mean we have to put some limits on it so we say that you have 6 weeks from the time you receive your draft to work with us, after that there's a fee for more changes.

The Techy Toolkit