Fast Resume Power-Up: Invulnerability

Need a quick refresh on your resume that doesn't break the bank?  Let us help!


With the Fast Resume Power-Up: Super Strength you'll get:

  • A professional editing of your resume to proofread, polish, and provide some pointers.
  • 3 custom tips that will make improvements fast and easy.
  • 10-15 on-trend keywords to help you get noticed and through ATS


Add Super Speed and you'll also get:

  • A profession, ATS friendly template to make looking good easy!
  • 5 LinkedIn tips to build your brand and get you noticed.


Finally, the Invulnerability adds an easy-to-tailor Cover Letter Template.  Don't worry, we'll proofread that, too, once you get the basic info in!


With the Power-Up you're doing most of the work yourself, but we're here to offer that little extra boost.  We'll make sure that your resume looks good, sounds good, and is in a format that will get through any ATS.  


It's not a full rebrand, just a quick power-up!

Fast Resume Power-Up: Invulnerability