Process Design
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Are you still recruiting like it’s 1996? 

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Did you know that resumes are generally considered to be less than 10% accurate in their ability to predict future success in a role?

We’ll work with you to review every step of your recruitment process and make sure it’s optimized for your organizational needs.  Together we’ll look at every piece of the puzzle and create a system that makes sense, and let’s you identify quickly and efficiently the right talent.​

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Specifically we look at:

  • Recruitment requirements and succession planning

  • Job descriptions

  • Candidate sourcing and attraction strategy including job ads

  • Candidate selection process

  • Screening tools; including custom assessments and interview questions

  • Offer process, with salary benchmarking and pay banding

  • Onboarding

Feel like you’ve got a handle on part of that already?  No problem!  We can work with you on the specific areas of concern and help you get it right!