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Your Friendly Neighborhood CPA

Welcome the always delightful Paul Glantz, Founder and CEO of Launch Consulting! See what it took to go from Entrepreneur Club in high school to to running his own fast-growing tax and accounting firm working with over 500 clients in every industry in major cities all around the world.

Paul and Michele talk about what it's like to work for family, breaking stereotypes in his profession, and his vision to take accounting into the digital age. As an early pioneer in completely cloud-based accounting services, Launch Consulting is the go-to firm for Austin's growing entrepreneur community. Not only does he help business owners sleep at night, Paul leads and mentors a top-notch team of dedicated professionals. In 2019, he was chosen as 1 of 8 accountants to serve on Quickbooks Advisory Council, as well as Gusto's Advisory Council, and he is just getting started.

Check out this episode for Paul's perspective on what business owners need to know about hiring a CPA, making financial services support available to employees, and finding ways to pay their success forward in the community.

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