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Beyond Resumes

The inimitable Liz Bronson, CEO of the aptly named Liz Bronson Consulting, joins Michele to talk some shop and debate the best way to match the right candidate with the right job.

Are resumes inherently flawed as a concept (Yes)? What's the best way to present a candidate's skills and experience? How can recruiters collect low-touch, low-cost data points that paint an accurate picture of how someone will perform in the role?

Whether you're a talent placement veteran or a business looking for creative solutions to recruitment, this episode uncovers the weaknesses in the current system and possible ways to do things differently.

What's that? A hiring process that doesn't suck and treats people like people? Tell us more!

Check out the Real Job Talk podcast for more deep dives and words of wisdom from Liz and her co-host Kat. And contact Liz directly to sort your hiring out!

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