• lydia9529

Tailoring Makes All the Difference

It may be the wrong holiday for scary stories, but it worked for Scrooge, so here goes: Always tailor your resume to fit each job!!

Several years ago, a colleague was looking for a new job. It seemed like they were doing everything right—they reached out to their network, did a rigorous job search, and applied to dozens of places. They even had AN INTERNAL REFERRAL (the holy grail of job hunting), and a well-respected member of the team they wanted to join spoke to the hiring manager, who then reached out to HR to fast-track their resume to the next stage. That's the dream!

And a week went by. And another week. And another. And my colleague never got the call. Finally, they reached out to their contact on the team to see what was up. The hiring process was moving forward and the committee had conducted several interviews already, so some candidates were getting through. What happened?

Well, as it turns out, my colleague had been sending out the same standard resume to everywhere they applied. At this one company, that had meant their resume NEVER EVEN MADE IT through ATS into the hands of the recruiter—even though they were completely qualified for the job, they’d left out 3 of the key skills in the job posting, so their resume got filtered out. Just 3 phrases added to their resume, and they could have already interviewed for the role!

How Tailoring Works

In a competitive job search, you can’t count on an internal referral to pluck you out of a huge pool of applicants. Your resume n