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SPECIAL ADDITION! Dr. Kirsten Fixes Your Job Search

"Recruiters look at your resume for 7 seconds!" "50% of resumes don't make it through ATS!" There are all sorts of junk statistics floating around in the world of resume/job search advice. A lot of the time, these numbers get used to sell you on expensive packages and lots of bells and whistles, but where do these numbers come from?

Super awesome return guest Dr. Kirsten Lee Hill and Michele break down how you can identify actual research findings, and how you can tell what's, for lack of a kinder term, completely made up. So many of these statistics have found their way into the realm of "common knowledge," but what information is actually real?

If you want more insight into where all these numbers come from, Kirsten has her own new YouTube channel with more on how to do research right.

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1 Comment

Gustavo Parussolo
Gustavo Parussolo
Sep 08, 2023

Very good information !

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