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Jobs and Covid and Elections - Oh My!

Let's face it, 2020 has sucked. We've missed opportunities, lost work, and many of us have lost loved ones. I know that we're all ready for it to be over, and it's not even November yet! Whichever side of the political isle you sit on it's been rough, and you're probably sitting on tenterhooks waiting for it to be over! So how do we cope, and what does this mean for those looking for work?

The media spends a lot of time talking about the >14M unemployed Americans. It's a big deal, and my heart goes out to all the families struggling financially right now. I wonder, though, how accurate of a picture it truly paints of the employment landscape. I've worked recently with a number of executive clients who were nervous about there being opportunity for them. Here's my take on those questions....

The areas hit hardest by Covid closures are hospitality (including bars and restaurants), tourism, retail, and travel. Yes, if that's where your livelihood comes from times are very very hard. For people outside of those sectors, and especially those at the highest levels of an organization Covid hasn't really changed anything. There are not a statistically significant higher number of MBA's, VP's, or Engineers on the market now than there were a year ago. Your competition hasn't changed. Now, a lot of other things have (how we find talent, recruit, interview, and work), but the number and quality of competition - outside of those most affected areas - hasn't. So chin up.

If you're an employer thinking to take advantage, a word of caution. For over 20 years I have warned my clients: There is ALWAYS a shortage of GREAT candidates. That hasn't changed, and never will. How you treat people at times like this will be remembered and noticed. If you want people to stay with you - you'll need to treat them fairly and respectfully.

Those are my thoughts - what are yours?

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