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Job searching is hard on mental health

Let's face it, looking for work sucks. It's tedious, repetitive, and full of rejection. That's before we get into the bigger issues of institutionalized racism, "entry level" jobs requiring 5+ years of experience, or recruiters who ghost you. It's the worst.

I wish that I had some magic bullet that I could offer that would make it all go away, and be easy. Certainly having a better resume helps, and knowing how to play the LinkedIn algorithm makes a huge difference, but none of it can actually stop the awfulness that is job searching.

So what should you do? Well, get armed with the best information you can (you're here, so that's a good start!), then make a plan. Looking for work is a job. Treat it like one. Give yourself a dedicated work space and schedule. Sitting all day hitting refresh on LinkedIn or Indeed doesn't help. When you're not scheduled to be working at finding a job create a physical break between you and designated space. Go outside. Breathe fresh air. Meet a friend and go for a walk. Or a picnic.

Just don't sit at your computer panicking that you need to find a job. That makes everything worse.

In the most recent episode of Hey! I Want Your Job I got to talk to psychotherapist and career expert Kim Rutherford about finding balance and staying healthy. Together we talk about the process, and how to keep your sanity. She brings humor and plenty of advice, give it a watch I promise you won't be sorry!

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