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In Case You Missed Her - It's the Okay-est Recruiter in Town!

Get ready for the shoppiest of recruiter shop talk with Michele and the great Amy Miller - she's both a Senior Technical Recruiter for a lil' ol' mom-and-pop called Amazon AND a prominent voice of reason in the talent acquisition game.

That's not just lip service, either - Amy ( is part of the LinkedIn group summoned with #jobseekerguardians who are seasoned recruiters determined to eliminate misinformation, scare tactics, and snake oil sales people trying to prey on the desperation of job seekers.

Amy is straight-up amazing, and she offers some no-nonsense knowledge on what it's like from the recruiter's side. She's a FAANG superstar and a fierce advocate for job seekers with a lot to say about what it means to find your place (even at a gigantic company), spotting bu!!$#it job search coaches, and the perils of speaking your mind online.

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