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Get racy with the Chief Experience Officer!

This week, Michele talks to the inimitable Megan Couch, Chief Experience Officer with Integrity Staffing Solutions.

Beyond the nitty gritty of the staffing world, listen in for a great discussion on outdated misconceptions clients and job seekers bring to the current job market, and what the real story is post 2020.

Last year put a lot of things in perspective for people, and it's had a real effect on our choices around work - how have shifting priorities after lock down, after quarantine, after work from home, changed the way we do our jobs? Along with whether or not to integrate Def Leopard T-shirts into our professional wardrobe, Megan and Michele get into it about what it takes for employers to retain people and what it means to take a human-centered approach to temporary staffing.

Think all it takes to be a good recruiter is an email address and a LinkedIn profile? Think again.

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