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How to Hire the Team You Want

FinTech startup executive Mark Swarbrick stops by to talk with Michele about all manner of things, including how to tell if someone is going to be good at their job, the strengths of neurodivergent team members when it comes to creating elegant code, and barriers, blind spots, and blocks he sees when it comes to hiring diverse teams.

Mark is Head of Infrastructure at Bink, and he takes his role in cultivating and developing talent very seriously. As a driving force and creative leader in the technology arena, Mark is a certifiable master. He's also an empathetic and perceptive mentor when it comes to assembling and leading his team.

Sometimes, if you're really lucky, you get a remarkable person who is not only an expert in their area, but also willing to actively admit that they are still learning, still growing, and don't know a lot about a lot of things. In their discussion, Mark and Michele get into the current trouble in tech for women and minorities, what inclusive hiring practices actually look like, and what might be happening when the system breaks down between recruiters and hiring managers. Also Brexit!

(Also, did we mention how contingency recruiting hurts both companies and the candidates? We did? We did. OK, good.)

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