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O&H is proud of the tools and services we offer our clients. We truly believe that our resumes, interview prep, and coaching are some of the best in the business.  We also know that knowledge and tools alone won't get you a job!  That's why we have chosen to partner with some organizations to help complete that journey for our clients.

If you would like to join us as a partnered organization we'd love to hear from you.  Please contact us here


We believe in a pay-it-forward approach where every little bit you do to help others can only lead to better outcomes for everyone.

Join our fast-growing support network of job seekers, mentors, and recruiting professionals. Get the support you need throughout your job search and help your peers in the process.



Aspireship is an industry recognized reskilling and job placement platform that helps you pivot your career into SaaS sales.

They partner with SaaS companies all over North America that are hiring Aspireship graduates right now. Land a job as a Sales Development Representative, an Account Executive or Account Manager.


Austin Digital Jobs

Looking to HIRE or BE HIRED? You'll find jobs at tech companies and digital jobs at non-tech companies here!

ADJ was established February 18, 2011. "Austin Digital Jobs" is a registered trademark of The American Genius, LLC and we have not granted any other organization permission to use the mark, so if you see the name used elsewhere, they're NOT affiliated with us, just using our mark to try to further their own agendas.

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Chamberlain University has a 130-year history preparing extraordinary nursing graduates and healthcare professionals. 

They graduate extraordinary healthcare professionals who will have a significant and positive impact in their communities and around the world. Through Chamberlain Care, They are committed to making it easy and seamless for our students to enroll in degree programs to advance their careers, working with them to foster their success in school and in achieving their career goals and preparing them for the healthcare system of the future.


COMWUNE celebrates the intersection between the personal and the professional. We embrace and promote a holistic approach to growth and development and endeavor to make every woman’s journey through her own transformation as seamless as possible. We strive to bring together women from different parts of the world with divergent life and work experiences in this new virtual reality. Together we can connect, share stories, become inspired by one another, and create lasting relationships.

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Design Tunnel

Design Tunnel is a quality-oriented, video production and marketing company. They work working with their clients and celebrate achievements together, specializing in creating engaging video content, custom training solutions, and marketing services and programs.

Merit HR

O&H Consulting is proud to partner with Merit HR


For over 30 years, Merit HR has recruited talented HR professionals for Human Resources Consulting, Direct-Hire, and Contract Staffing roles at all levels, in all HR disciplines, in all industries, and in organizations of all sizes. With deep expertise within the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and recent nationwide expansion, Merit HR focuses on building long-term relationships with talented HR professionals and exceptional organizations. The Merit HR team have a combined 125 years of human resources experience and will work with you one-on-one to support you in finding your next HR job.


Merit HR believes in the power of human connection, and they know that the success of an organization is directly related to the quality of their HR department.


Visit Merit HR and learn how to receive a 10% discount on our Resume Services.


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Project Save Hospitality

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The hospitality industry serves an essential role in society. We are responsible for the friendly and generous service of each guest we encounter from all over the world. An act that simply cannot be duplicated by another global industry. We have mastered the art of leaving our problems at home and putting our guest at the forefront of our daily mission. A mission which can be simply described as devotion to first class service. Hoteliers, event planners, restaurant employees and many more talented members of this community have been adversely affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

At Project Save Hospitality our mission is as follows:

  • Celebrate hospitality for its many contributions to society, the community and the role it plays in wellness for our citizens.

  • Highlight the amazing workforce and shine a light on their skill set which would immediately transfer to other industries.

  • Create a platform for our colleagues in hospitality to spread their wings and venture into new opportunities while educating recruiters, Human Resource professionals and various industry leader on what value hospitality professionals can provide you, your company and team.


We are hospitality strong!