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Meet Michele

Meet Michele


Michele Olivier

Principle Consultant, CEO

Michele Olivier is the Founder and CEO of O&H Consulting, an ATX-based recruitment process outsourcing company (RPO). Michele has been helping Startups and SMBs to identify and develop the right talent solution that meets their needs and matches their mission for 20+ years. In her role as a fractional head of talent/chief people officer, she works closely with executives to establish or refine their approach to people systems, aligning company culture with its mission.


From facilitating leadership discussions to leading staff workshops, Michele has helped companies transform how they think about their approach to people systems.

Book a speaking engagement

Book a speaking engagement

Areas of expertise

Diversity at work

As a LGBTQ+ woman of color, Michele is a fierce advocate for building more equitable, diverse people systems through DEI recruitment.

She has presented on topics including:

  • Overcoming Unintentional Bias in Hiring

  • Women & BIOPIC in Technology

  • Balancing Career & Family

  • Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

  • Recruitment Process Development

  • Candidate Experience

  • Effective Interviewing

  • DEI Recruitment

  • Startup Talent Acquisition

  • Balancing Sustainable Hiring with Rapid Growth



Michele is the host of HEy! I want your job, a weekly series brought to you by O&H Consulting where she look’s at great jobs and how to get  them.


These are AMA style conversations with real people having open and honest conversations to give you the inside scoop.

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Hey! I Want Your Job

S02E38: Fran R Garton - A warrior who doesn't let pain control her life

Pain has no place in this world according to Fran. Not only is she a #1 bestselling author, speaker, Body-Positive Personal Trainer, Pain Reduction Coach and Fibromyalgia Warrior, she is the heroine in teaching others to live pain free. In this episode, Fran and Michele open up about the challenges that they have experienced living with constant pain, and it's various contributors. They talk about the important factors of our lifestyles that contributes to the pain that many of us experience. They talk about Fran's passion for inclusive movement practices, body acceptance, stress reduction and learning to love movement. They take deep dive into the root cause of the hurt that is true and the ones we manifest. It's a reality check that confirms we can take control. Don't let pain keep you from living your best life. Connect with Fran and let her show you how it's done! Social Media Links: Website: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: Youtube Channel: Resources: Pain-free Quiz - Stress Management Worksheet - Hey! I Want Your Job is sponsored by the resume and career experts at O&H Consulting. Find out more about O&H's services at: This week's episode is hosted by Michele Olivier.
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