Candidate Experience

Right now FAANG, BigTech, and the entire F500 is having the same problem with recruitment – Candidate Experience.  With job seekers being commoditized, dehumanized, and ghosted by recruiters and a process that treats talent acquisition like a sausage mill.  Couple this with new concerns of DEI strategy, accessibility, and balance and this is a hot topic.

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How do you measure your candidate experience? 

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Who are you holding accountable and how? 

If you’re not doing enough in this area then you’re creating a time bomb building up to an inability to attract good folx.


O&H works BOTH sides of the desk, so we know the needs, wants, and frustrations of candidates – and we can help you integrate that knowledge into your talent strategy. ​

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Some of the key topics here that we’ll work on together include:

  • Company social media presence and work life impression

  • Employer ratings and Glassdoor / Reddit reviews

  • DEI needs and position

  • Accessibility

  • Candidate feedback models

  • Candidate experience ownership

  • Developing a clear brand as an EMPLOYER not just as product or service provider.