Meet the Team
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Michele - The Principal Consultant

Abilities: Executive Branding, Career Mentorship, Interview Prep, Job Search Strategy, Partnership Building, Marshalling Ambiguity, Honest Feedback, Barefoot Contessa Impressions

Industry Specialties: Engineering, Defense, Aviation, IT, Project Management, F500, Executive Search, Public Sector, Healthcare, Banking, Gaming, Entertainment, Automotive, Transportation, HR, Recruitment, Oil & Gas, Scientific, Food Service, Customer Service, Security, Retail


Catchphrase: I won’t let you leave here with garbage, I promise.

The face, the fixer, the fearless leader, Michele oversees all individual support and business consultative functions for the group. Having worked in HR/talent acquisition for well over 20 years, she's familiar with all the tips and tricks of the trade and uses this knowledge to help both individuals and employers stay competitive in the current talent pool.

A fully certified guidance professional since 2009, Michele has successfully coached clients on a global scale. Helping people find a path to their personal and professional goals is her passion. Experienced in all areas of life coaching, Michele specializes in career coaching and professional mentoring.


Thank you! The road is indeed long and will require consistent introspection and endurance as much anything else. Thank you again for the laser sharp insight. I am genuinely looking forward to my next steps!

Eric - Director of Business Systems

Thank you so much for your help!  Within the first 2 weeks of using my new resume I had 5 to 6 interviews lined up when I couldn't get a call back before.  I've turned down 3 offers that didn't feel right and I'm confident enough to wait on the right thing to come along.

Courtney - Snr Business Analyst

Michele is my interview coach. She has a great personality, I feel very calm and prepared for my interview. She also makes herself available if I need her between now and my interview. I am very happy that I found her, I am ready to conquer my interview!!!! 
Follow up:  I nailed the interview and got the job!!  Thank you!

Ebony - Area Manager at Amazon


What services do you offer?

At O&H we offer a full compliment of services related to Talent Acquisition and Management for both sides of the desk.  That translates to: coaching and guidance as well as resume writing for individuals and a full range of business services for companies.

Why should I hire you?

Each member of the team at O&H brings a wealth of experience and professional understanding of exactly what is required to help you land the career you've imagined.  Worried about ATS compatibility?  We've worked with multiple ATS including configuring and install over the years. Want high quality writing?  Our writers are well educated and trained, working to the highest standards and all of our work is screened by a professional editor with over 15 years of experience.  

You should hire us because we really know what we're doing.

What are your fees?

O&H has a package and a price for everyone - our full breakdown of packages is here.  Don't see something that fits your needs or budget?  Contact us and we'll put something together just for you!

What is your coaching philosophy?

Great coaching doesn't give you answers.  It helps you frame better questions and then guides you to answering them for yourself.  We give information, facts, and direction, but not very many answers.

How well do your resumes work?

There's no way for us to measure this ourselves, so answering honestly can be tricky.  Our clients tell us they get about a 200-300% increase in interviews within the first 2 weeks of using our resumes.

Interview prep clients report about an 80% success rate when we prepare them for a specific interview.

Do you guarantee results?

Absolutely not.  We think our products are great and we hope you do too.  We'll work hard to fix it if you don't, but ultimately we do not have jobs or interviews to give.  If life (and 2020 in particular!) have taught us nothing else it's nothing is 100% guaranteed!

Will I get to work with the person writing my resume?

You bet!  They'll contact you directly.  For our Directors, PM, Techies, and Execs you'll also meet with a Subject Matter Expert to make sure you're in the best hands possible.

How soon will I get my documents back?

We do our best to get documents back within 3 business days from when we receive all of your materials.  If your package includes and intake session this will mean 3 business days from when we have that information.  The document you receive at that time will be our initial draft, and will still need some love from you.  We'll help you through it, and make the changes you need to feel confident using your new resume.